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Deadline for PW awared and SHareCon

The deadline for voting for the Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers is October 7. Nominees and links to their fiction can be found at the SHareCon website, along with information on how to vote. Also, anyone interested in SHareCon, please note that we are getting close to our membership quota...

--Flamingo on 10/02/2014 04:10 pm (0 Comments)
Paula Wilshe Award

We started the memorial Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers in Starsky & Hutch in 2003 to honor our friend. Paula was a shining light in Starsky & Hutch fandom who loved to work with and encourage new writers. Find out more about Paula on her fanlore page. This award is just one small way of remembering her while celebrating...

--Flamingo on 09/11/2014 03:31 pm (0 Comments)
Time for SHareCon 2014!

SHareCon is a Starsky and Hutch slash convention held every two years in Laurel, Maryland. Check out our website, which has all the relevant news on dates, times, and activities. Our hotel is newly remodeled and is offering very good room rates. This is our eighth con and we always have a lot of fun with games, discussion panels, an art show, an auction, zine sales, group meals, and many other events. Membership may be...

--Flamingo on 08/30/2014 02:26 pm (0 Comments)
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Thirty-Three Years, Two Months, Seventeen Days by D P Patricks (Not Rated)
  It’s 2014. David Starsky is a History and Shop teacher in a private...
Craving by taass64 (Not Rated)
 It was becoming harder and harder to find excuses to get away and Starsky...
You Can Take the Boy Out of Brooklyn by Kerrys2Boys (Not Rated)
Written for the S&H 2014 Big Bang: S&H Present Tense. Art by Anachron.A...
Judith's POV by Hutchlover (Not Rated)
Judith's thoughts.
Joey's POV by Hutchlover (Not Rated)
Joey's thoughts.
Joan's POV by Hutchlover (Not Rated)
Joan's thoughts.
Jeans and Watches by Hutchlover (Not Rated)
  Alternate tag to ‘Shootout'. Response to challenge.  
Huggy Under Fire by Hutchlover (Not Rated)
What happened to Huggy's first bar?
Hannah's POV by Hutchlover (Not Rated)
Hannah's point of view.
Eunice by Hutchlover (Not Rated)
Eunice's (Lonne's Mother) thoughts.
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