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Fandom survey for S&H

It's a SHareCon year and, of course, there's a lot of planning going on -- for the zine, the panels, the games, and all the fun stuff. (If you're not familiar with SHareCon, our Starsky and Hutch slash con, please check out our website link.)

But things have changed over the years for 

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Spam reviews

I regret that the archive has been subjected to numerous spam attacks lately, taking the place of false reviews that are nothing but long chains of links to suspicious merchandise urls. I appreciate authors notifying me of the spam attacks. I check for them at least twice a day but they often get posted in the middle of the night. I delete the spam reviews as quickly as I can, but each has to be deleted individually before I can delete the spammer. Many of these reviews show up in groups of 80-100...

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The Advent Calendar is OPEN!

The SH Advent Calendar has begun and will feature a new "gift" for the 24 days before Christmas. Click on the numbers to see the surprises behind each. "No Peeking" images will be replaced by different SH-themed gifts every day. Enjoy!

--Flamingo on 12/01/2015 11:25 am (0 Comments)
Gen [1071]
Slash [927]
As Time Goes By by littlestar (Not Rated)
Watching Casablanca brings up some feelings for the guys...
STORMS by ksstarfire (Not Rated)
Sometimes life is too hard, and Hutch needs to take a break.
Just 24 hours by Mouse (Not Rated)
The 24 hours following Hutch's betrayal of Starsky with Kira. An alternative...
Between a Rock and a Hard Place by hardboiledbaby (Not Rated)
I woke up in a world of hurt this morning.
Entitlement by D P Patricks (Not Rated)
Download Entitlement by D.P.Patricks as an ebook. Right Click the link to save...
Company by K Hanna Korossy (Not Rated)
Misery... or at least a partner with a cold... does love company. Even if he...
Burying the Past by K Hanna Korossy (Not Rated)
The Fix tag (much later): It's been years. News about Forest shouldn't affect...
The Proposal by xeno (Not Rated)
Hutch wants to tie the knot.
Sweet And Happy... Maybe by ksstarfire (Not Rated)
Hutch is hurt. Starsky is mad. Real life intrudes
The Spindle by hardboiledbaby (Not Rated)
"Hutch, you know, you and me, we're like the thing that holds the toilet paper."
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