Welcome to the Web's first SH fiction archive. Started in 1996 by fans on the VenicePlace discussion list, the archive hosts classic zine fiction and new fic, and can link to fic elsewhere. To submit stories, please check out R&I (Records & Information) to find out how. This archive is for adults. You must be of legal age to register. Questions? Contact dobey@starskyhutcharchive.net.

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The Advent Calendar is OPEN!

The SH Advent Calendar has begun and will feature a new "gift" for the 24 days before Christmas. Click on the numbers to see the surprises behind each. "No Peeking" images will be replaced by different SH-themed gifts every day. Enjoy!

--Flamingo on 12/01/2015 11:25 am (0 Comments)
Spam reviews

The archive has semi-frequent attacks of spam reviews that are filled with links to undoubtedly malicious websites. Please do not investigate these reviews or click on their links. I delete them as soon as possible, but I have to do that one at a time. The latest attack was 80 reviews. These are people who don't have the balls to rob a bank.

-- on 11/14/2015 12:33 am (0 Comments)
Letting Go and Moving On updated

Author CrazyKate has re-edited and updated her series stories, Letting Go and Moving On. We have added updated ebooks to both stories. Check them out!

--Flamingo on 10/29/2015 11:34 am (0 Comments)
Gen [1023]
Slash [911]
As Simple As That by ksstarfire (Not Rated)
Another first time story. I seem to be caught in a rut. Need to work on that. 
Hard Day by ksstarfire (Not Rated)
How do the guys unwind from a brutal day?
Remember? by ksstarfire (Not Rated)
RPS- David Soul thinking back
I REMEMBER by ksstarfire (Not Rated)
Paul Muses on the past
Fear by ksstarfire (Not Rated)
More RPS musings
Dissonance by Anachron (Not Rated)
Starsky from "The Committee"
A Stone's Throw by Spencer (Not Rated)
If given the choice to kill Garner, or protect him and perhaps lose his own...
BAMF: The Series by Spencer (Not Rated)
A series of double drabbles written initially in response to the Me and Thee...
Forever by ksstarfire (Not Rated)
Short poem of their love
Portrait of a Marriage by xeno (Not Rated)
Hutch faces the emotional consequences of Vanessa's death
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