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Events with Paul and David

I have been extremely fortunate to attend multiple events where Paul and David appeared. I loved meeting and spending time with these guys. The ladies who arranged the Surcons, Carolyn and Laura, are currently separate events for P&D. Laura is setting up a Dinner with David in London, England, where...

--Flamingo on 02/08/2015 02:01 pm (0 Comments)
Ebook Formats

Readers, I need your input. Archive of Our Own (AO3) has software that allows readers to download any story as an ebook in a variety of formats. We don't have that ability. So, I manually create ebooks for longer stories through Calibre, a program for creating ebooks and organizing them.It's an extra step to put a story into 5 formats: PDF, HTML, Kindle, Mobi, and EPUB. Do I need to make these different formats? If everyone is using Kindle and EPUB, is the rest of waste of time? For that...

--Flamingo on 01/17/2015 12:29 am (5 Comments)
Advent Calendar now open!

The Starsky & Hutch Advent Calendar is open for business. From December 1 to December 24 our Christmas Elves will be offering gifts of stories, art, and all kinds of fun stuff. A new door opens every single day. Days 1 and 2 are open now. Check it out!


--Flamingo on 12/02/2014 12:49 am (0 Comments)
Gen [816]
Slash [782]
End of the Innocence by Kathy K (Not Rated)
Starsky and Hutch meet on vacation as youngsters and the friendship begins.
Deppen's Inn by Kathy K (Not Rated)
Download Deppen's Inn by Kathy K as an ebook. Right click the link to save your...
(Don't) Stop by Sonja (Not Rated)
Stop it now, you're driving me crazy Get those hands away from me
The Cutest Butt by Sonja (Not Rated)
An ode to Starsky's butt.
Sweet Revenge by Sonja (Not Rated)
This poem has nothing to do with the episode Sweet Revenge.
Some Memories Never End by Sonja (Not Rated)
Sweet Revenge aftermath. Hutch is hurting emotionally.
Never Too Late For Love by Sonja (Not Rated)
During the days you're my partner During the nights you become so much more...
My Baby Makes His Blue Jeans Talk by Sonja (Not Rated)
Starsky and his blue jeans.
Monk by Soho (Not Rated)
Download Monk by Soho as an ebook. Right click the link to save your preferred...
Surviving Survival by Soho (Not Rated)
Download Surviving Survival by Soho as an ebook. Right click the link to save...
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