Welcome to the Web's first SH fiction archive. Started in 1996 by fans on the VenicePlace discussion list, the archive hosts classic zine fiction and new fic, and can link to fic elsewhere. To submit stories, please check out R&I (Records & Information) to find out how. This archive is for adults. You must be of legal age to register. Questions? Contact dobey@starskyhutcharchive.net.

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SurCon 2014

Spend an evening with Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul up close and in person! Tickets are still available for SurCon 2014, in Newark, New Jersey, on June 27. We had a wonderful time at this event in 2013. It was a night to remember! Don't miss this opportunity. Check out their Facebook page.

--Flamingo on 03/01/2014 10:50 pm (0 Comments)
And now...VIDS!

We are proud to announce that the archive will be hosting Laura McEwan's excellent SH vids. Four have been posted this morning and more will be coming. You can find her vids under the "Vid" genre or under Laura's author name. Vids are for download only, and we ask that you not reblog or repost elsewhere. Many thanks to Laura for all her work over the years making these excellent vids and allowing us to host them!

--Flamingo on 01/04/2014 11:18 am (1 Comments)
S&H Advent Calendar available!

The 2013 Starsky and Hutch Advent Calendar is now available and Door #1 is open. There are surprises behind every door, and a new door with "open" every day through December 24. Check it out!

--Flamingo on 12/01/2013 01:53 pm (0 Comments)
Gen [445]
Slash [513]
Flash Drive [Podfic] by Laura McEwan (Not Rated)
Written by Hutchlover for S&H Big Bang 2014: SH Present Tense. Podfic by...
Zebras and Flamingos -- Judge and Jury by Astrid B Caine (Not Rated)
Starsky and Hutch/Boston Legal crossover. It's 2014 and Starsky and Hutch are...
Blinded by the Light by Katherine Robertson (Not Rated)
Blinded by the Light by Katherine Robertson is now available as an ebook. Right...
Tandem by Hutchrules3, Paula Wilshe (Not Rated)
Tandem by Hutchrules3 and Paula Wilshe is now available as an ebook. Right click...
Rage and Regret by taass64 (Not Rated)
Hutch battles conflicting feelings about leaving the hospital....  
Sweet Revenge Drabbles by taass64 (Not Rated)
Various SR drabbles and double drabbles
The List by Ginalin (Not Rated)
Don't look in Hutch's glove compartment. It's scary in there.
Starsky vs. Mother Nature by Ginalin (Not Rated)
Nekkid Starsky in a sleeping bag and other goodies.
Plain Brown Wrapper by Ginalin (Not Rated)
Temptation takes many forms. Sometimes, it's a jelly doughnut.
Night of the Burrito by Ginalin (Not Rated)
A Starsky ramble at 3 A.M.
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