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Events with Paul and David

I have been extremely fortunate to attend multiple events where Paul and David appeared. I loved meeting and spending time with these guys. The ladies who arranged the Surcons, Carolyn and Laura, are currently separate events for P&D. Laura is setting up a Dinner with David in London, England, where...

--Flamingo on 02/08/2015 02:01 pm (0 Comments)
Ebook Formats

Readers, I need your input. Archive of Our Own (AO3) has software that allows readers to download any story as an ebook in a variety of formats. We don't have that ability. So, I manually create ebooks for longer stories through Calibre, a program for creating ebooks and organizing them.It's an extra step to put a story into 5 formats: PDF, HTML, Kindle, Mobi, and EPUB. Do I need to make these different formats? If everyone is using Kindle and EPUB, is the rest of waste of time? For that...

--Flamingo on 01/17/2015 12:29 am (5 Comments)
Advent Calendar now open!

The Starsky & Hutch Advent Calendar is open for business. From December 1 to December 24 our Christmas Elves will be offering gifts of stories, art, and all kinds of fun stuff. A new door opens every single day. Days 1 and 2 are open now. Check it out!


--Flamingo on 12/02/2014 12:49 am (0 Comments)
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Slash [793]
Brooklyn Drabble Tale by LauraY (Not Rated)
This story was originally five separate 100 words drabbles, written in response...
Blame it on the Rum by Keri T (Not Rated)
Only one of the partners can clearly remember the events of New Year's Eve.
Lazarus by Spencer (Not Rated)
Starsky was with him.  The sun was in the sky and the long night was over.
If Love is Real: Vanessa by Flamingo (Not Rated)
Download If Love Is Real: Vanessa by Flamingo as an ebook. Right click the link...
Moving On by CrazyKate (Not Rated)
The companion piece to Letting Go. After the events of Letting Go, Starsky and...
The Trouble with Stake-Outs by Flamingo (Not Rated)
While on a dull stake-out, Hutch is at a loss trying to figure out why Starsky...
Time in a Glass by SunnyD (Not Rated)
Download Time in a Glass by SunnyD as an ebook. Right click the link to save...
Resonance by SunnyD (Not Rated)
Download Resonance by SunnyD as an ebook. Right click the link to save your...
The Ending by Stella (Not Rated)
I don't normally like death stories myself. I had to write this one, though.
Summer 1957 by Stella (Not Rated)
A chance meeting.
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