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Golden Boy Series on the Archive

We are happy to bring you Mary Louise Fisher's complete series of Golden Boy stories previously only available in zines. You can find all seven stories on the Recent page, or under the Author's name. You can select Series and find the stories there as well. All seven stories have ebooks as well. Enjoy!

--Flamingo on 07/07/2015 11:01 pm (1 Comments)
Solstice Calendar OPEN!

I have neglected to announce the S&H Solstice Calendar, which is now open. Similar to our Advent Calendar, our Solstice Calendar celebrates summer with new S&H=themed gifts for every day. Gifts can be stories, poems, vids, art, puzzles, games, or anything we get donated...

--Flamingo on 06/12/2015 10:38 am (0 Comments)
Events with Paul and David

I have been extremely fortunate to attend multiple events where Paul and David appeared. I loved meeting and spending time with these guys. The ladies who arranged the Surcons, Carolyn and Laura, are currently separate events for P&D. Laura is setting up a Dinner with David in London, England, where...

--Flamingo on 02/08/2015 02:01 pm (0 Comments)
Gen [893]
Slash [860]
Dark Side of the Moon by Dawnwind (Not Rated)
The former United States of America has dissolved into numerous countries, many...
Blue Boy by Anachron (Not Rated)
Starsky from "Starsky and Hutch are Guilty" Created for the 2015 S&H Summer...
Where There Is Nothing by Vedette Ciel (Not Rated)
Download Where There Is Nothing by Vedette Ciel as an ebook. Right click the...
What Kind of Crazy by Vedette Ciel (Not Rated)
"Hey Starsky, I'm beginning to think that everyone in this town is crazy except...
Tower of Trust by Vedette Ciel (Not Rated)
Starsky climbs the radio tower, then freezes. Ep. related: Lady Blue
Twenty Thirty Thence by Vedette Ciel (Not Rated)
Hutch asks a question. Sequel to: That Little Talk
That Little Talk by Vedette Ciel (Not Rated)
Starsky asks a question. Sequel: Twenty Thirty Thence
Painted Angel by Vedette Ciel (Not Rated)
Download Painted Angel by Vedette Ciel as an ebook. Right click the link to...
Badgered by Vedette Ciel (Not Rated)
Download Badgered by Vedette Ciel as an ebook. Right click the link to save...
The Inspiration of Caesar by Vedette Ciel (Not Rated)
Starsky fears Hutch may not survive the illness that threatens him. Episode...
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