Solace by Glow

We are pleased to offer another classic piece of zinefic. Solace by Glow has just been uploaded to the archive. This story, first printed in 1997, is appearing on line for the first time. Available in chapters and also as ebooks. Special thanks to the volunteers who help digitize these classic stories from their paper origins.

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Classic zine fic posted

We are fortunate to be able to post a classic zine fic written and illustrated by Connie Faddis. Mojave Crossing is considered the first "get 'em" fic, and was featured in the first Starsky and Hutch zine, Zebra Three #1, produced while the show was still on the air.

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Door #1 of Advent Calendar Open

The Advent Calendar is officially open, starting with Door #1. It's just the beginning of a celebration to bring a little more light into the darkest month. Twenty-four days of Starsky & Hutch. Also, notice that the links to all our previous advent calendars are in the right hand column for your perusing pleasure. It's like getting a gift within a gift within a gift...

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S&H Advent Calendar

The 2016 S&H Advent Calendar is set up and waiting for your gifts. We have received some lovely presents already and we thank all of you who have sent delightful gifts to share with your fellow SH fans. But we need more.

The Advent Calendar needs your drabbles, puzzles, fic of any length, poems, art, gifs, manips, vids, playlists, icons, wallpapers, jokes, word games, Christmas cards--all and any wonderful creative fannish things you'd like to give and receive during the 24 days before Christmas (and Hanukkah, which starts on December 24!). We want to have something for everyone every single day so all genres are welcomed and encouraged.

This year, due to technical difficulties beyond our control, we need to set up the calendar early. So there's no time to waste! We'd love our 10th calendar to be extra special! Thanks in advance to everyone who plans to contribute. Send gifts to build our 10th Starsky & Hutch Advent calendar to Check out the 2015 calendar here and find links to previous calendars on a sidebar here.

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Due to repeated spam attacks, we've had to shut down registration. To join the archive, please contact us at We want you to join! You don't need to join the archive to read any of the stories. But you do need to join to leave reviews.

That's been the problem. Spammers are joining and leaving dozens, sometimes hundreds of spam reviews leading to malicious websites. We're hoping turning off registration will solve the problem until we can come up with a better solution. Please contact us with any questions.

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Fandom survey for S&H

It's a SHareCon year and, of course, there's a lot of planning going on -- for the zine, the panels, the games, and all the fun stuff. (If you're not familiar with SHareCon, our Starsky and Hutch slash con, please check out our website link.)

But things have changed over the years for SHareCon. Once, we only had to send announcements to an email discussion list to reach the fandom. Today, the fandom is still out there, maybe in greater numbers than ever. But the trick is finding them in such a fragmented landscape.

These days, we're sending announcements to 10 to 13 different social media platforms. So, to get a better view of the fandom, we came up with two simple surveys. They're free, anonymous, and uncomplicated. No one will contact you or harvest your email address. It's just a way for us to get an idea of what's going on in the fandom to help us make SHareCon a great fan experience. If you consider yourself a Starsky and Hutch fan in any capacity, I hope you'll take a few minutes to answer these two simple surveys. Thanks!

SHareCon survey:

Starsky & Hutch fandom survey:

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Spam reviews

I regret that the archive has been subjected to numerous spam attacks lately, taking the place of false reviews that are nothing but long chains of links to suspicious merchandise urls. I appreciate authors notifying me of the spam attacks. I check for them at least twice a day but they often get posted in the middle of the night. I delete the spam reviews as quickly as I can, but each has to be deleted individually before I can delete the spammer. Many of these reviews show up in groups of 80-100 reviews. It can take hours to delete them. I appreciate your patience in dealing with this discouraging and invasive attack on our Starsky and Hutch space. We're looking into solutions, but I suspect it will not be simple.

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The Advent Calendar is OPEN!

The SH Advent Calendar has begun and will feature a new "gift" for the 24 days before Christmas. Click on the numbers to see the surprises behind each. "No Peeking" images will be replaced by different SH-themed gifts every day. Enjoy!

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Spam reviews

The archive has semi-frequent attacks of spam reviews that are filled with links to undoubtedly malicious websites. Please do not investigate these reviews or click on their links. I delete them as soon as possible, but I have to do that one at a time. The latest attack was 80 reviews. These are people who don't have the balls to rob a bank.

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Letting Go and Moving On updated

Author CrazyKate has re-edited and updated her series stories, Letting Go and Moving On. We have added updated ebooks to both stories. Check them out!

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Golden Boy Series on the Archive

We are happy to bring you Mary Louise Fisher's complete series of Golden Boy stories previously only available in zines. You can find all seven stories on the Recent page, or under the Author's name. You can select Series and find the stories there as well. All seven stories have ebooks as well. Enjoy!

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Solstice Calendar OPEN!

I have neglected to announce the S&H Solstice Calendar, which is now open. Similar to our Advent Calendar, our Solstice Calendar celebrates summer with new S&H=themed gifts for every day. Gifts can be stories, poems, vids, art, puzzles, games, or anything we get donated that focuses on our fav boys. As of this writing, we're up to day 12. A new door opens every day. Check it out!

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Events with Paul and David

I have been extremely fortunate to attend multiple events where Paul and David appeared. I loved meeting and spending time with these guys. The ladies who arranged the Surcons, Carolyn and Laura, are currently separate events for P&D. Laura is setting up a Dinner with David in London, England, where he lives, and Carolyn is managing an event for Paul in LA called A Journey of Discovery.

At the events I attended, I had multiple opportunities to interact with both guys. I cannot explain how special these opportunities were and how grateful I was to be able to attend. David and Paul are fascinating and fun. They are funny and charming and interesting not just as a team, but in their own right. During the private dinner, I sat almost directly across from David, and he was a wonderful, charming, delightful, and honest dinner companion -- one of the realest people I've ever met. I know it is not simple or inexpensive to travel to these places and attend these events, but if it is at all possible, I cannot encourage you enough to follow the links and participate.


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Ebook Formats

Readers, I need your input. Archive of Our Own (AO3) has software that allows readers to download any story as an ebook in a variety of formats. We don't have that ability. So, I manually create ebooks for longer stories through Calibre, a program for creating ebooks and organizing them.It's an extra step to put a story into 5 formats: PDF, HTML, Kindle, Mobi, and EPUB. Do I need to make these different formats? If everyone is using Kindle and EPUB, is the rest of waste of time? For that matter is ANYONE using these ebooks? You can comment here, or write me at flamingoslim at verizon dot net. thanks in advance.

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Advent Calendar now open!

The Starsky & Hutch Advent Calendar is open for business. From December 1 to December 24 our Christmas Elves will be offering gifts of stories, art, and all kinds of fun stuff. A new door opens every single day. Days 1 and 2 are open now. Check it out!

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Deadline for PW award and SHareCon

The deadline for voting for the Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers is October 7. Nominees and links to their fiction can be found at the SHareCon website, along with information on how to vote. Also, anyone interested in SHareCon, please note that we are getting close to our membership quota, so please let me know if you're interested in attending memberships. Information on registration also at the same website. Thanks

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Paula Wilshe Award

We started the memorial Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers in Starsky & Hutch in 2003 to honor our friend. Paula was a shining light in Starsky & Hutch fandom who loved to work with and encourage new writers. Find out more about Paula on her fanlore page. This award is just one small way of remembering her while celebrating writers in a way she would have enjoyed. Nominations are open now.

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Time for SHareCon 2014!

SHareCon is a Starsky and Hutch slash convention held every two years in Laurel, Maryland. Check out our website, which has all the relevant news on dates, times, and activities. Our hotel is newly remodeled and is offering very good room rates. This is our eighth con and we always have a lot of fun with games, discussion panels, an art show, an auction, zine sales, group meals, and many other events. Membership may be limited, so sign up soon!

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SurCon 2014

Spend an evening with Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul up close and in person! Tickets are still available for SurCon 2014, in Newark, New Jersey, on June 27. We had a wonderful time at this event in 2013. It was a night to remember! Don't miss this opportunity. Check out their Facebook page.

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And now...VIDS!

We are proud to announce that the archive will be hosting Laura McEwan's excellent SH vids. Four have been posted this morning and more will be coming. You can find her vids under the "Vid" genre or under Laura's author name. Vids are for download only, and we ask that you not reblog or repost elsewhere. Many thanks to Laura for all her work over the years making these excellent vids and allowing us to host them!

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S&H Advent Calendar available!

The 2013 Starsky and Hutch Advent Calendar is now available and Door #1 is open. There are surprises behind every door, and a new door with "open" every day through December 24. Check it out!

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Rhapsody by Candy Apple now available

We are thrilled to bring the AU slash novel Rhapsody by Candy Apple to the archive. Available also as an ebook in multiple formats, this romantic story has long been a favorite among zine collectors. Don't miss it!

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Are you having trouble leaving reviews?

If you are having trouble leaving "reviews" (comments) on the archive, please let me know. I've heard from one tablet user that after multiple attempts, she was unable to leave a review. I found that the Dolphin browser would not allow me to leave a review from my tablet. I was able to leave a review using FireFox on my tablet. I know fans are accessing the archive with IPads, phones, and other devices. I need to know if we're running into compatibility problems.

We're getting a lot of hits on some of our latest stories. I'd love to hear if you are able to use the ebook formats or if there are problems with those.

It would help us get more fiction on the archive if readers left comments, even very brief ones, on the stories. You don't have to
write a novel, but please take a moment to say thanks. It would mean the world to our writers. When writers see hundreds of hits but no comments, they can only assume no one likes their work. It can be hard to convince them to let us post another story of theirs.

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Dana Austin Marsh's MURDER WARD posted + ebook

We're delighted to archive Dana's wonderful story, MURDER WARD. What if Hutch, while pursuing a medical degree, interned at Cabrillo State just as a certain curly-haired cop showed up as a patient? That's an episode I'd love to see! Special thanks to Dana for letting us post her compelling twist on a familiar episode, which is also available as an ebook. And faithful readers, please remember to leave a comment ("reviews") for the author. That's the only pay they get!

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Kaye Austen Michael novel posted + ebook

We've just posted Kaye Austen Michael's complex crossover novel, Survival of the Fittest, which had previously only been available as a zine. This deliciously long novel, which has our boys interacting with the men of Emergency, is available in the usual format, plus as an ebook. Don't miss it!

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And now...PODFIC!

We can now present podfics, whether or not the original text story is on our archive. We've added a new genre for podfic so it will come up appropriately in searches. We'll list the stories by the author's original title and the author's name with the podfic reader's listed as co-author. You can search for podfics by going to "browse" and then picking podfic as the genre. Right now there is only one, but we're hoping to have more soon!

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And now...ART!

We are now posting art in the archive. While we have been featuring art within a story, we now are posting art pieces on their own. We have recently added pieces from Anachron and Duluthgirl. You can search for art. Use the "Advanced Search" function under the "Search" and plug in "Art" under Genre. This will bring up both individual art pieces, and fiction with art in it, if it has included "art" in the genre listing. If you're interested in submitting art, please contact me directly.

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New Zine, New Ebooks

We have just added the classic zine, Murder on San Carmelitas by Lynna Bright, to the archive. The novel has over 20 original art pieces by Suzan Lovett. MoSC was one of the most popular and enduring works of fiction available to the fandom in the pre-internet print zine era, and a personal favorite of mine. As we did for Distant Shores, we've presented the novel in the archive, and in multiple ebook formats, complete with its art, for your reading convenience. The ebook downloads can be found in the beginning of the Summary. Enjoy!

--Flamingo on 06/27/2013 08:54 pm (4 Comments)
Distant Shores Ebook

We're trying a new experiment. We don't have the software capability that will let people download stories automatically in ebook formats. However, thanks to KimberlyFDR, I can make ebooks from existing archive files. I've created multiple ebook formats for Distant Shores for people who might prefer that. The formats all include all of DS art pieces.

If you go to Distant Shores, in the Summary, you will see a note in bold face regarding the available ebook formats, and links to them. Right click the links for your format and save it. Don't try to open it or you'll just get a bunch of code. When you right click, you will see options like "save link as..." or "save target as..." That's what you want. 

Please write me off line or through the archive and tell me what problems you might experience trying to download the ebooks so we can figure out if we can solve them. I can't do this for every story, but I can do it for major novels. While my main focus these days is transferring stories from the old archives, I thought for folks with ereaders this might make Distant Shores more accessible.

-- on 03/07/2013 09:34 pm (0 Comments)

Authors, please set your options to enable you to receive reviews directly. We are dealing with a spamming problem, and it would help us to know as soon as spam reviews show up. Many authors' personal settings do not deliver reviews directly to them. This doesn't allow you to know when you've received a legitimate review so you can respond, and it doesn't allow you to inform us if you receive a spam review so we can ban the sender and delete the spam. We're working on a way to prevent this problem, but in the meantime, it would help us to know as soon as it occurs. Thanks.

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First ride in the crack van

The Crack Van is a live journal site that hosts fiction recommendations from a variety of fandoms. I'm taking a spin in it this month for the first time, but you can get many Starsky & Hutch fiction recs by clicking on the Starsky & Hutch tag. For my first outing, check out my crack van rec for Your Woman Now's story, My Hair Like Jesus Wore It (hosted on our archive). You won't be sorry.


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The Duplicity of Light


Because of a sudden influx of fic, our latest Big Bang story might be overlooked. The Duplicity of Light by Askevran-Angel, with art by Nicol Tyler, and poetry by youtooblondie, is a terrific read and a beautiful thing to see. It can still be easily found by clicking on "Recent" in the menu bar, or by doing an advanced search for the Big Bang, or by searching for the author. Clicking on "Recent" brings up every story posted in the last 90 days. That's three screens worth! So, while you're enjoying this sudden glut of fiction, don't forget to comment (leave a review). Even a simple thank you means a lot. It's the only payment our writers get for their hard work and the pleasure their stories bring us.

--Flamingo on 07/05/2012 03:51 pm (2 Comments)
Whole Lotta New Stories!

A special HOORAY! and THANK YOU! to our partner-in-crime Keri T. for uploading 57 stories to the archive! Wow! Keri, take a bow! We now are hosting 9 more stories from Dana Austin Marsh, 12 more stories from Kaye Austen Michaels, 5 more stories from Gayle Smith, 3 more stories from Keri herself, and 28 stories from Paula Wilshe. (Any errors in the math are mine alone.) As you enjoy this wealth of wonderful stories, please offer a comment or two in the review section. It means a lot to the writers. You can find all these stories by clicking on RECENT in the menu bar.

--Flamingo on 07/02/2012 11:22 pm (2 Comments)
Problems with IE9 & FF11

Users have had problems with the Internet Explorer 9 upgrade and javascript that Microsoft hasn't fixed yet. There are compatibility issues with IE9 with uploading stories from Word and commenting on reviews. The workaround is to set IE to Compatibility mode.

If you are using IE 9 and experiencing these or other issues, try clicking on the Tools menu and then click on Compatibility View. This should solve the problem. However, if IE 9 does not show the menu by default, right click somewhere underneath the address bar, and if Menu is not checked, click on Menu to display it. Then click on Tools and then click on Compatibility View.

Two users have reported errors on the story edit windows when trying to access their works. Story edit window is rendering as blank, but the actual text is saved. So users can't edit, the software is just retaining the last copy they uploaded.

We believe this is a FireFox 11 upgrade incompatibility issue. We don't have a fix for this yet, so we can only advise users to use Chrome or Internet Explorer (see above) or Opera or Safari or anything below Firefox 11 until we figure out why it's not working.

--Flamingo on 03/25/2012 05:07 pm (0 Comments)
Live from California...

David, Paul, and Antonio will be appearing live in Burbank, California, on February 10-12, 2012. This is a rare opportunity to see the stars of Starsky and Hutch. Their last appearance together was in 1999 in England. Check out the Web site of the Hollywood Show, and click on Burbank.

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The Advent Calendar is live

And door #1 is open. Check it out here. We'll be opening one door every day until Christmas eve. We hope to have announcements out every morning by 9 AM EST, but might run a little late on weekends. (Even the elves get to sleep in!) Enjoy!

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S&H Advent Calendar

What's the Advent Calendar? It's those calendars with the tiny doors you find in the card stores around the holidays. You open a door a day to count down the days until Christmas and find a surprise behind every door! We do it with S&H themed items! We have 24 days to fill - so send us your S&H fic, art, puzzles, games, picspams, drabbles - whatever you wish to contribute as a fun daily surprise! All genres welcome. Send your submissions to flamingoslim at verizon dot net. Thanks!!!

--Flamingo on 11/16/2011 11:26 pm (0 Comments)
This year's Paula Wilshe Award winner


Keri and I are happy to announce this year's winner of the Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers in Starsky & Hutch is....

Allie!!!! You can find Allie's fiction here.

Keri and I want to congratulate Allie on winning the Paula Wilshe.  This award was named for Paula who was tireless in encouraging new fan writers. Keri and I also want to congratulate all the finalists for this year's award, and to thank everyone who participated in nominating and voting for their favorite writers.

--Flamingo on 11/01/2011 12:55 am (0 Comments)
"The Hostage Heart"

We're very proud to finally post "The Hostage Heart" by April Valentine. Originally published in the zine, "It's Love, Cap'n" in 1991, this long, angsty story was a challenge to digitize. Special thanks to CPeterson for her diligent, careful copyediting of this classic zine fic. And very special thanks to April Valentine for allowing us to post it to the Archive. I have to thank Keri T, also, for helping to keep me focused on pending Archive tasks.

And for fans close to Ocean City, MD, Paul Michael Glaser will be appearing at the Endless Summer Cruisin' Car Show, Fri-Sun, October 7-8-9 to promote his new book. Check out the event here:

--Flamingo on 10/05/2011 11:01 pm (1 Comments)
Here With You

We are very proud to offer the zine Here With You, a Tribute to Kaye Austen Michaels. It is listed under the publisher's name, Laura McEwan. The stories and art that were available in the print zine are listed in the Table of Contents along with the Editor's letter, and title page. If the stories or art are on line, they are linked. Artwork in the zine is either attached to its story or posted after the table of contents. Like most zines, not all the material from the zine is available, but most of it is. We hope you will enjoy this special tribute zine. Thanks to all who made it possible.

--Flamingo on 08/14/2011 04:52 pm (1 Comments)
new zine, new stories

We're trying something new, posting a zine under a story category. Check out No Pants, No Badge, No Gun, a 1985 slash zine. We posting some of the art, and linking to stories from the zine that are posted on this web and others. We've also posted a wonderful gen story from 1981 that's one of my absolute favorites. Coign of Vantage gives us a different and intriguing look at our favorite guys.

--Flamingo on 05/24/2011 01:54 am (-1 Comments)
For the first time EVER...

For the very first time ever we have been able to post three stories written by two different authors (published in two different zines) that create a single, complete story line. In 1985, April Valentine published The Hours Between Four and Nine in her zine No Pants, No Badge, No Gun. In 1987, Suzan Lovett published a sequel to that story in the zine Code 7 #4. And April published a sequel to that sequel, titled, The Sweetest Taboo, completing the arc. While A Fine Storm and The Sweetest Taboo were (and still are) posted to the original SH Archive, we were not able to post the first story. Today, all three stories are available here. Enjoy!

--Flamingo on 05/15/2011 08:04 pm (1 Comments)
Leaving feedback (Reviews) for authors

I'm hoping archive readers are a bit confused by the "Review" option. That classification is part of the software, so we can't change it to something that might get better results, like "feedback" or even "thank-you note." But that's all the "Review" is--a chance to say thanks for the story or give some feedback. You do not have to leave a Siskel & Ebert style review. Use the Review function to communicate with the author the same way you're already doing on mailing lists and on LJ--that simple. Even a quick "thanks for the story!" can mean a lot to a writer who's spent days, weeks, or even years producing what you just read. We have stories getting tremendous hits -- one story has been viewed 400+ times -- without a single review or line of feedback. The only thing the author -- or the archivists -- can assume is that NO ONE liked this story enough to even say thanks. I understand that most fandoms have a low rate of feedback, but S&H has developed a reputation as having the lowest. We lose writers over this lack of response every year. No one wants to feel that posting a story is dropping it in a black hole. Maybe we need a new motto. How about: Save a Writer: Write a review! Or: Leave a review, the writer you save may be your fave.

--Flamingo on 05/11/2011 05:16 pm (2 Comments)
Validating authors, live links, twitter, etc!

Late breaking (yeah, it's after 11:30 on a work night) archive news!

We've have new authors submitting. Thanks!! I know you have to wait until I validate your stories before they appear. However, we are now validating authors. Validated authors' stories show up as soon as the author submits them. We are validating authors once we're sure they've got the submission process down pat. So the more stories you submit, the quicker we can work through routine formatting issues and get you validated so you can get your stories up that much faster!

Html addresses within stories or story notes were not showing up as clickable links. It took a little research but we (read: Cyanne) figured out what we had to do to turn that function on. Your urls should now show up as live links.

We've just gotten our first story with multiple chapters. For those interested in seeing the story in its entirety, you can click the print icon-- --that sits to the right of the "Reviews" link at the top of the page (right under the title). This will open a new page that has the whole story, including any images it might have, so you can actually print it or just save the page if you want to download it to read later.

We're on TWITTER! Find us here:

We're on the RSS feed:

On LiveJournal it is:

On Dreamwidth:

We hope to have in icon links soon.



--Flamingo on 04/10/2011 11:45 pm (6 Comments)

This is a big experiment for the SH Archive. For the first time, writers will be able to upload their own stories. I will have to validate the stories before they can be posted, and this will give me a chance to make sure the formatting and appearance are the way the writers intended. instructions on how to upload your fic can be found in R&I. We can accept images in fiction, so if your story comes with pictures, drop me a note so I can walk you through the process.

Welcome to the new Archive!

--Flamingo on 07/02/2009 11:22 pm (1 Comments)