Problems with IE9 & FF11

Users have had problems with the Internet Explorer 9 upgrade and javascript that Microsoft hasn't fixed yet. There are compatibility issues with IE9 with uploading stories from Word and commenting on reviews. The workaround is to set IE to Compatibility mode.

If you are using IE 9 and experiencing these or other issues, try clicking on the Tools menu and then click on Compatibility View. This should solve the problem. However, if IE 9 does not show the menu by default, right click somewhere underneath the address bar, and if Menu is not checked, click on Menu to display it. Then click on Tools and then click on Compatibility View.

Two users have reported errors on the story edit windows when trying to access their works. Story edit window is rendering as blank, but the actual text is saved. So users can't edit, the software is just retaining the last copy they uploaded.

We believe this is a FireFox 11 upgrade incompatibility issue. We don't have a fix for this yet, so we can only advise users to use Chrome or Internet Explorer (see above) or Opera or Safari or anything below Firefox 11 until we figure out why it's not working.

--Flamingo on 03/25/2012 05:07 pm (0 Comments)

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