Are you having trouble leaving reviews?

If you are having trouble leaving "reviews" (comments) on the archive, please let me know. I've heard from one tablet user that after multiple attempts, she was unable to leave a review. I found that the Dolphin browser would not allow me to leave a review from my tablet. I was able to leave a review using FireFox on my tablet. I know fans are accessing the archive with IPads, phones, and other devices. I need to know if we're running into compatibility problems.

We're getting a lot of hits on some of our latest stories. I'd love to hear if you are able to use the ebook formats or if there are problems with those.

It would help us get more fiction on the archive if readers left comments, even very brief ones, on the stories. You don't have to
write a novel, but please take a moment to say thanks. It would mean the world to our writers. When writers see hundreds of hits but no comments, they can only assume no one likes their work. It can be hard to convince them to let us post another story of theirs.

--Flamingo on 08/24/2013 12:29 am (0 Comments)

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