Validating authors, live links, twitter, etc!

Late breaking (yeah, it's after 11:30 on a work night) archive news!

We've have new authors submitting. Thanks!! I know you have to wait until I validate your stories before they appear. However, we are now validating authors. Validated authors' stories show up as soon as the author submits them. We are validating authors once we're sure they've got the submission process down pat. So the more stories you submit, the quicker we can work through routine formatting issues and get you validated so you can get your stories up that much faster!

Html addresses within stories or story notes were not showing up as clickable links. It took a little research but we (read: Cyanne) figured out what we had to do to turn that function on. Your urls should now show up as live links.

We've just gotten our first story with multiple chapters. For those interested in seeing the story in its entirety, you can click the print icon-- --that sits to the right of the "Reviews" link at the top of the page (right under the title). This will open a new page that has the whole story, including any images it might have, so you can actually print it or just save the page if you want to download it to read later.

We're on TWITTER! Find us here:

We're on the RSS feed:

On LiveJournal it is:

On Dreamwidth:

We hope to have in icon links soon.



--Flamingo on 04/10/2011 11:45 pm (6 Comments)

I just want to give a shoutout to the archive team. You folks are amazing! The archive is simply beautiful - the functionality, the look and feel, the skins selections (so lovely - I have my default as "greenhouse") and the ease of use for uploading stories. Even I sort of figured it out with minimal confusion.

It's great to see so many stories appearing!

I appreciate all of the hard work of the team to give S&H such a beautiful story home. Thank you so much!


- Ashkevran-Angel on 04/15/2011 05:15 pm

And the team thanks you for your kind words!!! You're a sweetheart.

- Flamingo on 04/16/2011 09:23 pm

Thank you, Angel! We're glad our fellow fans can enjoy the archive as much as we do :)

- KimberlyFDR on 04/16/2011 09:39 pm

this place is amazing! as an original fan of the series, i so appreciate all the effort put into making this archive truly a place for wonderful stories and heartfelt love for our boys.

thanks for all you do, archivists and authors!

- youtooblondie on 05/11/2011 07:20 am

youtooblondie --

just saw your note. Thanks so much for your lovely compliments. Write me off-line, please. I always have many questions for "original fans". I'd love to chat with you!


- Flamingo on 05/11/2011 04:50 pm

will do, flamingo!

i'd be honored! :)

- youtooblondie on 05/11/2011 07:28 pm