For the first time EVER...

For the very first time ever we have been able to post three stories written by two different authors (published in two different zines) that create a single, complete story line. In 1985, April Valentine published The Hours Between Four and Nine in her zine No Pants, No Badge, No Gun. In 1987, Suzan Lovett published a sequel to that story in the zine Code 7 #4. And April published a sequel to that sequel, titled, The Sweetest Taboo, completing the arc. While A Fine Storm and The Sweetest Taboo were (and still are) posted to the original SH Archive, we were not able to post the first story. Today, all three stories are available here. Enjoy!

--Flamingo on 05/15/2011 08:04 pm (1 Comments)

i've just read all three and i don't think i have ever been as deeply touched about the boys and their story and their path to love as i have reading these.

thank you so much for making them available for all of us, flamingo.

bravo to the authors. bravo indeed.


- youtooblondie on 05/16/2011 03:11 pm