Reviews For Letting Go
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Reviewer: Sam KW Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/14/2015 04:14 pm Title: Learning to Let Go

Wow- Kate! No words to explain how much I was pulled into this story. I do not read death stories, but as there were no such warnings, I decided to continue once I got to know Hutch was 'dead' - hoping it was all a big mistake. And, God! the plot is amazing- Cooper character is awesome- It'sheartbreaking to read what Starsky had to undergo- It really hurts to  think of what he's going through- so many secrets! 

I just can't wait to read the next part. I see that it's not complete. I'm going to wait unti you are done with it so that I can read all of it in one stretch! Please finish it, soon! :) 

Reviewer: edioval Signed [Report This]
Date: 03/22/2015 09:25 am Title: Learning to Let Go

Wow. This story blew me away. I wasn't going to read it, not a fan of death fic, but decided to give it a chance. You kept me on the edge of my seat. I kept wondering if Hutch was alive, once coma boy woke up, (the thought hadn't occurred to me before that). I am still shaking my head, some ten hours after finishing, that Hutch would have betrayed/kept this from Starsky, although I can sort of buy the "for his own protection" but...they were lovers! And Dobey! Sometimes it's fun to recognize that I've put these characters on pedestals and it hurts when someone reminds me they are mere mortals.  I have started. "Moving On", hadn't realized it was a work in progress so I am impatient to see where you take me. Thank you for sharing your talent. I have never read anything with this sort of premise. You have made me suspend what I think I know about these characters, not an easy feat.

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