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Reviewer: bramleygirl Signed [Report This]
Date: 12/26/2015 04:25 pm Title: Book One: Luna

I have read this twice and it is one of my favourite stories ever - I am surprised that you say you get few comments - it deserves so many....

Please keep writing - love all your work

Author's Response:

You've given me such a present! I thank you so much for reading it twice. I have lots more Starsky and Hutch stories on Archive of Our Own.

Reviewer: D P Patricks Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/07/2015 07:52 pm Title: Book Three: Bay City

Now that I've read it three times, I'm even more compelled to comment. Especially since others have broken the ice. I feel as if I should be in presentation position to write this but I couldn't reach the keyboard. And I've never been into the BDSM scene. I'll simply sit here and write what I feel. This is totally awesome, Dawn, as overused as that word is. And you did something I wouldn't have believed possible: written the entire story from Starsky's POV while still showing us every thought, feeling and emotion Hutch went through. We were an intimate party to his agony, uncertainty, fear, bliss and the complete panoply of his always complicated emotions, through Starsky's eyes only, never his own thoughts. The facial expressions, the body language, the voice tone and quality, but, most importantly, the looks in Hutch's eyes were masterfully portrayed. We, fans, cannot thank you and Flamingo enough for all the work and efforts you both went through to bring this story to the site. Three readings won't be enough, I know. I'm addicted.

Author's Response:

Thank you--I'm amazed you've read it three times, but I insist you get off your knees. lol. I often give myself writing challenge and while I suspect (who can remember back to 2004 when this was started) that I didn't intend for it to be entirely in Starsky's POV, it became a challenge to show Hutch's side without using his POV. I really appreciate you telling me that it worked!

Reviewer: Kerrys2Boys Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/07/2015 03:47 am Title: Book One: Luna


I finished reading this some days ago and only now can I manage a few words - and they are so eloquent too ;) OH MY GOD... I have to admit that I am not a BDSM fan in general, though will read it in this fandom. I can't believe that the boys could hurt one another like that...but this was such a great tale and plot and, after my initial shock of what Hutch did to Starsky, I could buy it (though not completely). Irrespective of my stance on the topic in general, I thought it was a wonderfully written and electrically charged story. The sex scenes were so graphic and hot that I ALMOST but not quite (lol ) felt guilty for reading them.

Such a big piece of work, which I also love and which is increasingly rarely found in this fandom. Hat off to you and Flamingo for producing such a big juicy novel. I can only imagine how much time and effort it took you both. Thank you Dawne, and thanks to Flamingo and Suzanne. 

Author's Response:

You've made my day! That even someone who doesn't enjoy BDSM liked the novel! It did take a long time and lots of give and take from me and my editor, changing a lot but maintaining the same basic premise. I am so thrilled you found the sex scenes hot. Thank you.

Reviewer: EDCee Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/06/2015 03:48 pm Title: Book One: Luna

I've just read Dark Side Of The Moon for the first time (I missed out on buying the zine). And OH MY GOD, GIRL, I think it's the hottest thing I've ever read. I swear my laptop is still smokin'! Holy cow! I was never a BDSM fan (your Bound Series was hot but I always had trouble reconciling S&H's jobs as detectives while BDSM seemed to overtake the rest of their lives.) But in Dark Side Of The Moon you've managed to weave an intricate tale of corrupt politics and intrigue, where sexual slavery is legal Where a dominant Hutch plots his own devious kidnap plan that marks Starsky as his legal slave, thus setting off a whole twisted set of events we see through Starsky's eyes--close-up and personal. All I can say about "Davey's" piercing is OW! OW! OW! Mixed in with all the murder and mayhem you've managed to include all of the old gang-Huggy, Dobey, Minnie and even Sweet Alice, plus adding some new ones. And some of the hottest sex I've ever read! Kudos to you and also to Suzan and Flamingo for the gorgeous artwork. And thank you, Flamingo, for bringing this wonderful zine to the Archive.

Author's Response:

Wow, thank you so much! This story doesn't get much feedback so I really appreciate hearing what you liked. You've made my day!

I was impressed at the gorgeous artwork Flamingo and Suzan made, too.

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