Reviews For A Dance For Hutch
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Reviewer: ksstarfire Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/30/2016 03:28 pm Title: A Dance For Hutch

I LOVED this!! The dance matched the song perfectly! The images were so vivid! Thiank you! KUDOS!!     

Author's Response:

Thanks Nancy - I really appreciate all your support and encouragement.  And, it's really special because your review and the other from survivior10 are my very first reviews on A03!  That's really, really nice!  Thanks  :-)!

Reviewer: survivor10 Signed [Report This]
Date: 09/30/2016 05:08 am Title: A Dance For Hutch

Thank you, Arlene, for this bittersweet story that you've so poignantly rendered through Anna's dance to Hutch's song. I will watch "BWG" again with fresh insight and enjoyment because of your story.

And too, yours is a story of the love between our two boys, beautifully captured in this sad aftermath. I love how you have Starsky give Hutch space to feel and grieve - but not too much space so he doesn't get lost. Starsky would know how to judge this. And then you have Starsky bring his friend "back home" in the end - and when Hutch does come back, he's there looking after Starsky, putting a blanket over him and being thankful for their friendship. Just beautiful :-)

Author's Response:

Oh wow - thank you for the comments!  It really makes me feel good as a writer when my story touches someone and offers a different look for a story.  The frienship these two have is so special and wonderful - I just love writing about it.  Oh - and another big thanks to you.  I have been posting on A03 for over a year and you are the first one to comment - that really makes me feel good.  Thanks again!  

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