Dreamland by jat sapphire (Not Rated)
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"He couldn't find himself."

Categories: Slash
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Genre: Series
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Series: Faithful to Thee, Cynara, by jat sapphire
Chapters: 1
Word count: 321 - Hits: 292
Complete?: Yes - Published: 06/15/2014 - Last Updated: 06/24/2014
Story Notes:

This is one of the three "shorts" that go with "Faithful to Thee, Cynara". The other two are "Cup of Decaf" and "Words made Flesh". These stories were part of the Starsky and Hutch Slash Virtual Season. Faithful to thee, Cynara, with the three shorts that go with it, is available as an ebook.

1. Dreamland by jat sapphire [Reviews - 0] (321 words)