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Faithful to Thee, Cynara, by jat sapphire, is now available as an ebook, which includes the three shorts that are connected to this story: Words Made Flesh, Cup of Decaf, and Dreamland. Right click the link to download and save your preferred format: EPUB, MOBI, KINDLE, HTML, PDF.

"I said I'd come back," she said, her voice just as sweet and child like as ever. "No. I said I wouldn't come back. Didn't I? And you said you wouldn't look for me. You kept your promise."

In the midst of an IA rampage and a murder case that comes too close to home, Starsky and Hutch both must consider exactly how much loyalty they owe to the women they once loved.

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Series: Faithful to Thee, Cynara, by jat sapphire
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Complete?: Yes - Published: 06/15/2014 - Last Updated: 06/24/2014
Story Notes:

This is a slightly revised version of the story that appeared in the S&H Slash Virtual Season 5. There are also three shorts that are connected to this story: Words Made Flesh, Cup of Decaf, and Dreamland.

Starsky and Hutch has been off the air for over 25 years, but has certainly not been out of the hearts and minds of the fans. ZebraThree Productions was formed by a group of writers and other creative individuals whose mission is to produce a series of stories that will create a virtual 5th season of Starsky and Hutch. Our virtual season begins after the events depicted in Sweet Revenge, the final aired episode of Starsky and Hutch. The S&H Slash Virtual Season had three full seasons before ending production. All three seasons were also available in hard copy zines. Information and episodes can be found at the Starsky and Hutch Slash Virtual Season.

1. Faithful to Thee, Cynara by jat sapphire [Reviews - 0] (26996 words)