Letting Go by CrazyKater (Not Rated)
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When Hutch is found, murdered under horrific circumstances, and in the company of a strange young man, Starsky finds himself struggling to overcome his grief. And when new details about Hutch come to light, Starsky is left questioning how much of the past was really the truth and just who exactly Hutch really was.

Archivist Note: The author re-edited and updated this story in October 2015.

Categories: Slash
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Genre: AU Alternate Universe, E-Book
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Series: Letting Go by CrazyKate
Chapters: 1
Word count: 29010 - Hits: 4202
Complete?: Yes - Published: 01/02/2015 - Last Updated: 03/15/2015
Story Notes:

The first chapter of this story was originally posted at "Learning to Let Go" as a one shot. I have since finished it, so I am posting the story in its entirety.

Reviews are appreciated :)

I want to say a special thank you to Flamingo, who runs the Starsky and Hutch Archive, for graciously taking on the task of beta-ing this story after it was finished. Thank you for "schooling" me on my grammar, punctuation, and even challenging me to become a better fanfic writer.

1. Learning to Let Go by CrazyKater [Reviews - 2] (29010 words)