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Response to the Sunday Discussion request to answer the question of what words Starsky and/or Hutch would use to toast each other at a commitment ceremony/wedding thingy, assuming they were marrying each other. Which they’d have to, if it was a slash tale — that is, unless Hutch discovered that his true love was really Huggy, and Starsky ran off with Dobey… That would indeed be a disturbing universe.

You can find this story and 84 others on Rebelcat's site. Since we can not reach Rebelcat, we urge you to download and save any of her fic you are interested in from the Tripod site. Her last update was 2008. Fiction sites often disappear without warning.

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Story Notes:

This is all my husband’s fault. He supplied the first line and I had no choice but to write the thing. I was helpless, I tell you, helpless! Oh, and none of the characters belong to me.

Notes: Well, it IS Slash. But it's G-rated slash. Written by a Gen writer. And it's funny (I hope!).

1. A Toast to the Grooms by Rebelcat [Reviews - 0] (1001 words)