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Finally, Hutch asked a soft question. "What do you wish, Starsk? What can I do for you?"

Starsky did not answer right away, but his arms pulled tighter. At last, in a wistful voice, he murmured... "I just... wish I could feel something other than the pain for awhile."

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Archivist Note: This story originally appeared in the S/H zine, "No Pants, No Badge, No Gun," published by April Valentine's Amapola Press in 1985. It takes place during the episode, "A Coffin for Starsky," and deals with off-camera time between the scenes in which Cheryl Jenkins gives Starsky an injection for pain at the lab and when S&H return to Bellamy's apartment for the final confrontation.

This is the story that inspired Suzan Lovett to write A Fine Storm, which was published in the S/H zine Code 7 #4 in 1987. In the pre-Internet era, if a fan was interested in writing a sequel to another fan's work, they would usually discuss it with the author, seeking their approval. So, before writing A Fine Storm, Suzan discussed the possibility with April. After writing A Fine Storm, Suzan gave it to April to read before publication. Suzan considered the story finished, but April felt the story needed one more scene, and asked Suzan if she could write that. April's sequel, The Sweetest Taboo, was also published in Code 7 #4, immediately following A Fine Storm. Suzan provided an illustration for Taboo, which is at the end of that story.

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