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All Starsky wanted to do was enjoy forever with his wonderfully weird writer--not think about eternity. Eternity shouldn't have anything to do with forever, but what Hutch wanted, he sometimes got, and what he wanted now was an eternity plan. All Starsky wanted was forever and a lot of cookies.

Sequel to When I Was Sheriff of Beavertooth County.

Sixth in the Golden Boy series.

Categories: Slash
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Genre: E-Book, Series, Zinefic
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Series: Golden Boy
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Complete?: Yes - Published: 07/07/2015 - Last Updated: 07/07/2015
Story Notes:

As Soon As Forever is Through first appeared in the Starsky & Hutch slash zine, In Your Eyes, published in 2003 by Idiot Triplets Press.

Many people help bring classic zinefic to the archive. I'd like to especially thank Morgan Dawn for helping to provide digitized stories, and Keri T. for her meticulous work in proofreading. I'd also like to thank both of them for their long running support of the archive and their hard work in helping bring zinefic to the net.

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