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Starsky and Hutch meet Aliens from Outer Space. Sort of!


"Okay. What did you find out? We don't go anywhere without you telling me what all that stuff about Arcturans was in aid of."

Hutch told him. Starsky's eyes got very wide.

"You don't believe any of that, do you?" Hutch asked carefully.

"Are you kidding? It sounds like half-a-dozen of the worst fifties sci-fi all mixed up and regurgitated. Aliens from Outer Space try to take over the Earth, foiled only by the valiant resistance-fighters . . . No, wait a minute, it's the plot from 'The Invaders.' Are they lizards?"

"The Arcturans or the Alph . . ."

"Either one."

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Story Notes:

This story was originally printed in the S/H zine BONAVENTURE, published by Esperanza Press, 1990.

The authors would like to acknowledge the help of Dr. Anne H., Jody Lynn, and a quartet of cats.

Special thanks to Daphne for transcribing the story to the net.

1. Arcturus Rising by Terri Beckett [Reviews - 0] (9512 words)