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"The last two months had been more than difficult. The Department had been effectively decimated by Asian Flu, and those unlucky enough not to go down with it had found themselves working eighteen, twenty-hour days.

The short vacation had been a kind of goal to aim for, a carrot on the end of a stick. And now it had been whisked away. It wasn't as if a second Charles Manson had suddenly arisen, or the Syndicate had pulled off the crime of the century. Parker Centre wanted a man moved from Point A to Point B. They were short-staffed, and looked to Metro. Metro in the shape of Captain Harold C. Dobey, looked to Starsky and Hutch. The world can be grossly unfair at times."

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Originally published in the Starsky & Hutch zine Ten Thirteen No. 2, in 1980/81, produced by Cat and Dragon Press.

A longtime fan generously donated digital scanning, typing and proofreading for the archive. Enjoy!

1. A Quiet Country Weekend by Terri Beckett [Reviews - 0] (18708 words)