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Starsky is back East, helping his mother.

Hutch has a temporary partner.

They both find being apart stressful. 

Will their love survive? 

Categories: Slash
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Genre: Action/Adventure, E-Book, Romance
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Word count: 6403 - Hits: 330
Complete?: Yes - Published: 02/04/2016 - Last Updated: 02/16/2016
Story Notes:

I was told this type of story wasn't really 'done' in this fandom. 

I have always been a bit of a rebel.

I really couldn't see this happening, but I tried my best to write the best story I could. 

Max Collins is an original character. My very own little Russian Studmuffin.

1. Dining at the Guilty Cafe by ksstarfire [Reviews - 1] (6403 words)