Talk Dirty to Me by Glow (Not Rated)
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Starsky's...voice got lower as he offered, "you want me to tell you about it, Hutch...about the dream."

"Of course I do," Hutch answered. "As soon as I get home..."

"I want to tell you now," Starsky whispered in a tone that was usually reserved for the bedroom....

"Starsky," Hutch protested.... "You're in the middle of a public place, remember?"

"So what," Starsky's voice shrugged. "No one can hear me." There was a short pause and then the voice that could seduce Hutch in a heartbeat was back. "You know you want me to, Hutch. You know you want to hear all about it."

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Genre: Series, Zinefic
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Series: Talk Dirty
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Complete?: Yes - Published: 06/12/2011 - Last Updated: 06/12/2011
Story Notes:

It all started with this short story. Glow sent it to me for my opinion while I had a house full of (male) housepainters who kept interrupting me every 5 minutes (and couldn't figure out why suddenly I was so grumpy). I loved the story so much, I felt compelled to fire off a sequel, which I wrote in record time (still with housepainters in residence) and sent back to Glow for her approval. That sequel, Talk Dirty to Me Some More is also on the archive. Both stories appeared originally in April Valentine's zine, Fix 17.

These two stories spawned that nororious collaboration between Glow and me, Talkin' Dirty Pool. I followed it up with "Just Another One of Starsky's Dirty Moves," as a gift to Glow, and then later wrote "Talkin' Dirty Bingo and Cheap Toupees" for the winner of a raffle for a charity Glow was involved with.

But it all started innocently, or not so innocently, enough with this short story. Enjoy.

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