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The year is 2016 and Starsky has discovered FanFiction.

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Story Notes:

This story is for Paula, who encouraged me to resurrect old stories I’d written as a first-gen S&H viewer back in the day. (I’m still working on those stories, but here’s a fresh story in the meantime – it came to me one day like a bolt out of the blue.)

I thank Sandy and Tammy in the S&H Fans & FanFiction Facebook Group for their support and feedback, and all the gang there for egging me on and being such a terrific bunch of people. My experiences there inspired this story.

Special kudos to John, critical friend and my partner-in-crime.

I acknowledge William Blinn as the original creator of “Starsky & Hutch”, along with Aaron Spelling, William Goldberg, Joseph Naar, David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, Bernie Hamilton, Antonio Fargas and Company.

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