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A missing scene from the episode Partners.

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Complete?: Yes - Published: 05/28/2017 - Last Updated: 05/29/2017
Story Notes:

I wrote the bulk of this story in 2009, fulfilling the request of a Feedback Follies participant who wanted a missing scene from "Partners" set immediately after the argument scene and before the episode tag. Before I could complete the fic, I suffered a computer crash and a faulty backup flashdrive and thought I'd lost the document forever. In 2015, I recovered some data from the old harddrive, including this story. Then RL interfered again, when my health conditions worsened, pulling me away from fannish activities, but this story kept nudging me, tugging at the back of my mind. All these years later, I have finally finished it as a gift for my original Feedback Follies requestor, my amazing editor-mentor-lifeline Keri, and for SH fandom. I love you, fandom. You are my safest space, my home of the heart, and I will always be grateful to all of you for your love, care, and support.   

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