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'It has been almost six months since Starsky’s reinstatement as a BCPD homicide detective, and Hutch is no longer sure how long he can endure this extra-tetchy, morose, antagonistic version of his partner who seems to find a perverse delight in pissing him off for no reason whatsoever. Like Starsky can’t stand his physical presence. Like Starsky wants to drive him away and preserve a respectable distance between them after months of him hanging around Starsky throughout Starsky’s arduous recuperation. Like Starsky is fighting him, fighting him when there isn’t a conflict to begin with, or fighting something that has to do with him.'


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Story Notes:

This is a work in progress. I'm estimating it'll hit at least 80-90,000+ words by the time it's done. This is by far my most explicit S&H story yet, and yeah, there are more NC-17 scenes coming up!

Oh, and while you're reading this story, keep in mind the pairing listed, okay? I will say no more. *grin*

1. [ongoing] by Gideon BD [Reviews - 3] (105791 words)