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Ken got up, and walked to the door in stocking-feet. Opening the door revealed Dave Starsky, loaded down with what looked like everything he owned.

Ken took the picture in with a terrible suspicion. They wouldn't. They couldn't. The irony would be tragic.

Starsky smiled and elbowed past him. "It's your lucky day, Choirboy...  I happen t'be your new roomie..." Starsky announced. Wearing a white T-shirt blazoned with the Academy seal and navy-blue sweats, he stood there, surprisingly blue eyes just beaming.

"No," Ken said, blankly. Then, with dawning disbelief, and half an octave lower, he repeated himself. "No."

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Story Notes:

This story was originally published in the mixed gen and slash SH zine, "The Lucky and the Strong," published by Idiot Triplets Press in 1993.

Major thanks to Keri T for scanning and proofing this zine-published story. Special thanks also to Keri for keeping me focused and on track in all things SH, but most especially the archive. Thanks must also go to Lynna Bright for giving us permission to post her previously published stories.


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