Hostage by Glow (Not Rated)
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Strong hands gripped Starsky's hips and pulled him down until he was sprawled flat on his back, his wrists still gently manacled over his head. He became riveted to the wicked look in his partner's eyes. He was unable to keep that panic from creeping into his voice. "Hutch, listen. I understand how you're feeling, believe me. But just cool your jets for a little while. When we get home..."

"When we get home you'll go back to playing 'macho super cop' the same way you've been doing out on the streets these past weeks. I'm tired of it, Starsk. I want things back the way they were... I want the balance... the give and take." Hutch moved over, straddling Starsky's waist with his knees as he sat back against his thighs. "And I want you... right here, right now... safe and warm beneath me..."

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Story Notes:

The Fix 16 was published in 1996, by April Valentine (In Person Press).

 Major thanks to Keri T for all scanning and proofing this zine-published story. Special thanks also to Keri for keeping me focused and on track in all things SH, but most especially the archive. Thanks must also go to Glow for giving us permission to post her previously published stories.

1. Hostage by Glow [Reviews - 1] (9886 words)