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Hutch keeps a journal of a crucial week in his life, May 7- May 13, 1979, when he and Starsky vacation at a San Diego County mansion owned by friends of Hutch's parents. Supposedly a time of healing from the rift left by the partners' feud over Kira, the week turns into much more.

The following story places the events in "Starsky vs. Hutch" a little over three weeks prior to May 8th. It does accept May 15th as the day the events of "Sweet Revenge" began. This story also accepts canon's order: "Targets Without a Badge," "Starsky vs. Hutch," and "Sweet Revenge."

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First published in the zine Venice Place Chronicles, Volume II.

1. The Week by Kaye Austen Michaels [Reviews - 5] (38655 words)