A Fine Storm by Suzan Lovett (Not Rated)
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This story first appeared in the zine Code 7 #4 in 1987. It can be read independently, however, it was originally a sequel to the short story The Hours Between Four and Nine by April Valentine, published in the zine, No Pants, No Badge, No Gun in 1985. That story proposed that, during A Coffin For Starsky, Starsky & Hutch returned to Starsky's apartment to rest during a period of time not shown in the episode. While there, the intensity of what they were going through and the desperation of what might be Starsky's last hours resulted in their making love. However, afterwards, Starsky had to be hospitalized, and the tag of the show, which showed him completely recovered, had Huggy explaining to Dobey and Hutch that Starsky was making plans to vacation "where all the New York secretaries like to go."

A Fine Storm picks up that story two years later, immediately after the tag for The Plague.

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All four Code 7 zines are available through Mysti Frank at  http://www.agentwithstyle.com, or you can email her at zines@agentwithstyle.com.

A Fine Storm's sequel (also published in Code 7 #4), April Valentine's The Sweetest Taboo, with an art piece by Suzan, is also on this Archive.

1. A Fine Storm by Suzan Lovett [Reviews - 7] (36626 words)