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Starsky looked up, real contrition in his eyes. "I know it wasn't my fault we lost Hutch. I know it's not my fault we couldn't find him. But... that doesn't make it any easier to live with..."

Dobey shifted, looking embarrassed. "Starsky, you know as well as I do that just because we never found the body doesn't mean Hutch isn't dead. It's been two years, for God's sake! If he was alive, we would have found him, heard from him. But he disappeared without a trace...."

"I've died every day for the last two years." Starsky stood, bringing the conversation to an end. They had gone around and around on this subject endlessly and never resolved anything. ...While tailing an unnamed suspect, Kenneth Hutchinson simply dropped off the face of the earth.

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Story Notes:

Distant Shores was published as a stand alone novel in May 1991. The author, April Valentine, worked on it for over six years, doing painstaking hard copy research long before Google was a glimmer on the horizon. The published novel had a color cover and 24 additional pieces of original hand drawn black and white art by some of the best artists working in the fandom at that time. We'd like to thank the author for permitting us to post the novel, and all the artists for allowing their art to be posted.

Bringing this 451 page epic novel to the archive was a significant undertaking. We'd especially like to thank SHaron for massive job of scanning the novel, and cpeterson for her painstaking copyedit. Flamingo scanned the art and uploaded the files to the archive. Special thanks, as always, to Keri T. for keeping us focused on the goal, a job about as much fun as herding cats.

Distant Shores is brought to you complete with all its author's notes and art.

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