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Missing Scene from The Psychic.

Molo's "Care and Maintenance" read aloud by hardboiledbaby

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Genre: Podfic
Warnings: No Warnings Needed
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Word count: 37 - Hits: 452
Complete?: Yes - Published: 09/03/2013 - Last Updated: 09/03/2013
Story Notes:

Author's notes: For my gen friends. Thanks to CC for the beta.

Reader's notes: My thanks to Molo—who is as generous as she is talented—for her blanket permission to record podfic. The text of the story can be found here: "Care and Maintenance" by Molo. Grateful thanks also to Fire_Juggler for the lovely cover art, and so much more.

1. Care and Maintenance by hardboiledbaby [Reviews - 0] (37 words)