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Traditionally, zines put together for SHareCons include stories, poems, art work, games, puzzles, jokes, anecdotes, works-in-progress, or anything an attending or supporting member of SHareCon wishes to contribute. Some material is gen, some slash. Since only attending and supporting members of the con can contribute material to the zine, it represents a "snapshot" of the fandom at the time it is produced. The SHareCon 2002 had 40 different submissions

Categories: Gen, Slash
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Genre: Zinefic
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Word count: 2864 - Hits: 854
Complete?: No - Published: 10/18/2013 - Last Updated: 01/22/2014
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The Table of Contents links to stories and art by individual contributors. Scrolling below the Table of Contents will display shorter content used for filler.

1. SHareCon 2002 zine by Flamingo [Reviews - 0] (2864 words)