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Hi, I'm Callie! I write things sometimes. 

These days, you can find me mostly on tumblr, but I'm also on ao3, dreamwidth, and livejournal under the same name - feel free to come say hi anytime! :)


On Feedback:
It's always welcome! And it doesn't need to be 100% positive - if something didn't work for you, knowing what and why is very valuable. On the off chance, though, that you want to offer a detailed critique/concrit/a list of all the things you didn't like, please contact me privately. Any kind of helpful criticism is genuinely very welcome! But I'm just not sure I'm secure enough to deal with that much of it in public yet. Thanks!


Blanket Permission Statement:
Anyone who wants to is more than welcome to create any type of fanwork based on the fics I've posted here! If you do, just please credit me and link back to the original fic. (I'd love it if you posted your work to ao3 and linked it to mine with the "inspired by" option, but if that doesn't work for you, that's okay, too.) And, of course, please let me know if you're doing this so I can come and flail at you with excitement!
Also, if there's anything you'd like my input on, please always feel free to ask. I can't promise I'll always be able to help (especially with older fics of mine) but I can promise that you absolutely won't be annoying me! :)

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