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Solace by Glow [Reviews - 1] New!

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Nearly two years after Gunther's hit, Starsky has recovered and he and Hutch are back in the groove on the street. It had taken a lot of grueling, painful work for Starsky to get up to speed, and no one knows that better than Hutch. But Starsky's trials aren't over. Dobey asks Hutch  to break the worst kind of news to Starsky. After all they've been through, Hutch has to find the strength to support his friend through what might be his toughest trial yet. 

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Chapters: 10
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Reviewer: Desmond J Signed
Date: 03/21/2018 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This was so awesome. I cried a little, as this brought up some memories of my mom's passing.

The way you portrayed the emotions Starsky goes through, and those Hutch experiences was absolutely brilliant. Beautiful work.

I'm also quite enamored with your prose, beautiful rhythm. Elegant and evocative, I love the way you made even the most heartbreaking of emotions flow. Each scene had its own flavor and I'm just... I'm running out of words!

Beautiful work. Just absolutely beautiful.