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Kenneth Hutchinson stared out at the sea of people before him. He'd been told this was a sold-out show, so it should have come as no surprise to see the arena packed from front to back, floor to rafters. Still, no matter how many times he played to sold-out venues, he could never quite believe all those people were shelling out their hard-earned dollars to listen to him play the piano...

Kenneth Hutchinson wasn't at all what Starsky had imagined. He'd had the tall blond figured for a stuck-up prick after meeting the stunningly beautiful but completely hollow woman the pianist was engaged to, and finding out just how much the guy was worth. 

Yet the man himself seemed as defeated and unhappy as anyone he'd ever seen, and it appeared as if his whole life was controlled and manipulated by the people around him. For all this guy's money, power, charm, charisma and talent, he seemed to have no control over his own fate, and no concept of how to take control of it. Or maybe it was more that he had no spirit. Something was seriously missing from the musician's life, though Starsky hadn't yet figured out what it was. Whatever it was, it was the thing that should have put the light and the sparkle in those amazing blue eyes.



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